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For me, Instagram is the best social networking site and a big source of online entertainment. It’s where I engage myself in a world of interesting information and connect with the most recent updates from famous people and celebrities. Through their stories, I can look into their lives and share snippets of mine with friends and followers on this platform. Instander APK is a noteworthy option for Instagram users looking for more functionality. By providing extra helpful features, this app improves the Instagram experience and meets the needs of frequent users. Its security and safety policies are notable, which include embedded anti-ban techniques that guarantee users can make changes without worrying about their accounts being suspended. Dmitry Gavrilov is the developer of Instander APK, which offers a risk-free and enjoyable browsing experience.

Various virus and malware detection engines have confirmed that Insta Pro Apk is safe. Also, you may use these platforms to scan through every update and enjoy Instagram Pro security. 

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Version = Latest | Size = 71 MB

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Information Of Insta Pro APK

App NameInstander APK
Size 70 MB
Version Latest
Developer thedise
Varients 2
Get it On
File TypeAPK

What is Instander APK?

Instander APK is a modified version of the Instagram app created by a talented developer named “TheDise.” It’s designed to enhance your Instagram experience by offering many extra features and tweaks you won’t find in the official app. Instander transforms the Instagram experience for Android users with a customized app offering many new features and improvements. This free mod allows Users to download reels, IGTV, films, and high-quality photographs. Its unique features, including the option to browse without advertisements and copy profiles, comments, and descriptions, make it stand out. Instander APK is a smart Instamod made especially for Android that gives Instagram users a better experience by resolving frequent problems. You may get above the restrictions of the official Instagram app and get an extensive range of advanced functions for the best possible social networking experience by accessing your account using Instander.

Instander APK

Features Of Instander APK

Enhanced Media Download Capabilities

Instander is revolutionizing the way people connect with media on Instagram. The software makes it simple to download entertaining videos or eye-catching pictures straight to your device. With the help of this function, you may save your favorite content more quickly and easily without dealing with third-party downloaders and their annoying advertisements.

Exclusive Close Friends List Functionality

With Instander, sharing content with a chosen group is simple. A “Close Friends” list that users can make enables a more customized story and post sharing. This function adds a layer of privacy to your social sharing by allowing you to change the list without informing the people who have been added or removed.

Customizable Story Visibility

With Instander, users can manage who sees their stories, including live videos, giving them greater control. With the help of this privacy function, you can target your audience and ensure that only people you think are appropriate see your content. By letting users control who can respond to their messages, Instander addresses the problem of undesired interactions. This feature controls your social interactions by restricting replies or letting everyone respond.

Automatic Story Archiving

Device storage limitations are no longer a problem thanks to Instander’s “Save Story to Archive” option. Content is automatically saved to your archive, improving privacy and removing the need for physical storage on your device. With Instander, users can manage the distribution of their material. This feature gives you control over sharing by allowing you to remove the ability for people to share your feed posts in their stories and select whether your material can be shared as messages.

Ad-Free Browsing Experience

On Instander, users can browse without disturbance or interruption from sponsored advertisements. This function helps you concentrate more on the information that is most important to you. With its vast selection of content categories, including DIY, travel, food, and art, the app broadens your horizons. IGTV and its various categories are entry points to various popular and varied videos.

Privacy-Oriented Analytics

Users who prefer a more private experience can opt out of analytics using Instander. Crash report submissions are also helpful in the app’s improvement, guaranteeing an effortless user interface. Ghost Mode provides several settings to stay hidden for people who value discretion. These settings include reading messages without marking them as read, watching stories anonymously, and hiding typing status.

Superior Quality for All Media

This function blocks Instagram’s usual compression by guaranteeing that all media, whether IGTV, images, reels, or stories, are of the greatest quality. With the ability to disable them if desired, Instander’s smart gestures, such as double-tap liking, photo clarity, and swipe navigation, improve user involvement. Minor but important features like configurable tale cropping, auto-playing videos, in-app browsers, and full-screen stories enhance the Instander experience.

Unique Verification for Supporters

As a thank you, users who donate to the development of Instander can get a unique supporter verification badge visible to other app users. By enabling users to find and follow individuals from their contact list, Instander helps users make new connections that may result in insightful exchanges and discoveries.

Why Choose Instander?

  1. Download Stories: Have you ever wanted to save your friend’s Instagram story? Instander allows you to do just that. With a simple tap, you can download stories to enjoy later.
  2. No Ads: Tired of those pesky ads interrupting your scrolling? Instander is ad-free, giving you a clean and uninterrupted Instagram experience.
  3. Enhanced Privacy: Worried about your online privacy? Instander lets you hide your online status and even view profiles anonymously.
  4. Customization Galore: Change the look and feel of Instagram with various customization options. You can tweak the app’s appearance and fonts and even enable a dark mode.
  5. Incredible Media Quality: Instander lets you upload photos and videos in their original quality, ensuring your content looks its best.
  6. Quick and Easy Download: Installing Instander APK is a breeze; you don’t need to root your device to use it.

What is the Difference Between Clone and UNClone?

The app’s functionality is the same in the Clone and UnClone versions, created by the same developer. The package names are one important distinction that allows users to install two versions of Instagram on an Android device.

Clone Version

Clone versions can be identified by their distinct package names. Because of its unique identity, you can install it on your device and use it as stand-alone software without affecting the Instagram app that already exists.

UnClone Version

However, the UnClone version is identified by the package name com. insta. Before installing this version, you must remove the Instagram app from your device. The UnClone version of Instagram is meant to replace the regular app, offering the same improved features but requiring its exclusive presence on your smartphone to function at its best.

Steps to Download and Install Instander APK

Prepare Your Device:

  • Go to the settings on your phone before you start.
  • Locate and turn on the option that allows installs from unidentified sources. Since the Instander APK needs to be installed outside of the Google Play Store, this step is important.

Choosing Your Preferred Version:

  • There are two versions of Instander available: the Unclone and the Clone. Pick the option that best meets your requirements.
  • To get the Instander APK file of your selected version, click the provided link.

Installation Process:

  • Find the APK file and press on it after the download is finished.
  • To continue with the installation, follow to the on-screen directions.

Setting Up the Application:

  • Open Instander after installation, then sign into your account.
  • The application will ask for access to some permissions, such the camera and storage on your device. Give the program these permissions to make sure it runs properly.

Enjoy Enhanced Instagram Experience:

  • Everything is ready for you! You can now take use of the improved features and capabilities of this updated Instagram edition.


Frequently Asked Question

Compared to the official Instagram app, Insta Pro, being a third-party application, can come with some risks. To reduce security risks, users should exercise caution and only download the program from reputable sources.

Understanding the distinctions between Insta Pro APK and the official app helps users make informed choices.

At the moment, Insta Pro is limited to Android-powered devices. Users of iPhones and iPads are unable to use the app at this moment because it was not created for the iOS platform.

Examining potential risks allows users to weigh the pros and cons before diving in.

The timing of Insta Pro updates varies according to the developers. The official or trustworthy third-party websites are where users should keep a look out for the most recent features and upgrades.

Final Words

Instander APK offers an enhanced Instagram experience that is perfect for power users and those looking to add extra spice to their social media game. It’s important to note that third-party apps like Instander may have some risks, so proceed cautiously and always download from trusted sources. As a free and improved version of Instagram with an extensive range of capabilities over the regular app, Instander APK stands out. With the help of this mod, you may stay in touch with your loved ones and the wider community while engaging with the content you choose, following influencers, athletes, and celebrities, pursuing career goals, and sharing snapshots of your life with the world. Its download features, which include stories, IGTV, photos, and videos combined with other features like profile customization options, make it stand out from the competition.

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