Insta Pro 2 APK Download v10.70 Latest For Android

Insta Pro 2, also created by SamMods, allows us to enjoy the most advanced version of Instagram at no cost. It provides all the features and possibilities that Instagram has to offer, including privacy and unique features. Above all, we can use the Insta Pro 2 APK. We don’t need to uninstall Android’s original Instagram app.

The layout is the same as the original, but the app contains advanced options and shortcuts. It also features several UI gestures for easy access to various powerful settings. It can improve user experience above what regular Instagram can do. We will give you the official InstaPro 2 APK download link and provide all the installation instructions in this post. Now, let’s get started.

Various virus and malware detection engines have confirmed that Insta Pro 2 Apk is safe. You may also use these platforms to scan for every update and enjoy Instagram Pro security. 


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Version = Latest | Size = 71 MB

Insta Pro 2

Table of Contents


Instapro2 is the mode version of Instagram that gives you amazing moded features Like Hide typing status DM, Add-Free, Download Media and Increase Story Quality Also, You can use these features to Post photos and videos on Instagrampro. It also helps the user  to Engage with Followers, and Grow their audience.


Hide Online Status

Status Download

Airplane Mode

Auto Reply

Media Sharing

What is Insta Pro 2?

Insta Pro 2 APK is an modification of the original Instagram application. It’s developed by independent developers to include features that aren’t available in the official app. This modded version aims to provide users with additional features such as downloading content, ad-free browsing, and more privacy options.

With Insta Pro v10.70, you will have all standard Instagram functions. You will also get extra features. 

Its ability to remove all Instagram limits is the main advantage of utilizing it. For example, you can increase a story upload to 60 seconds. You can share high-quality photos without reducing their quality. You can download your own story with music before sharing it. And, you can save images and videos to your phone’s gallery.

Basic Information

App NameInstaPro 2 APK
Size 71 MB
Version Latest 10.70
Developer SamMods
System Required 5.0 +
Get it On
File TypeAPK

Features Of Insta Pro APK

Hide Typing Status in DM

When a user is composing a message on Instagram, we have the right to see it. It's a standard communications signal seen on almost all social media networks. You can use the Hide Typing Status in DM feature on Instagram. It lets you communicate more . When you start typing a message to another user, it will stop to signal.

Ad-Free Experience

Say goodbye to interruptions! Insta Pro 2 ensures an ad-free browsing experience, letting you enjoy scrolling through your feed or exploring new content without any unsolicited advertisements.

Hide View Stories

when you read someone's stories that they have uploaded, they are aware that you have done so. Your profile is visible in their "viewed" list. You can watch stories without alerting the status uploader. You can do this using the hidden "see stories" feature. It limits how often you can view someone else's Instagram story. Then, your profile appears. It is among Insta Pro 2's best privacy features.

Enhanced Privacy Options

Privacy is a paramount concern for many users, and Insta Pro 2 addresses this by offering enhanced features. These include hiding your view from someone's story, reading messages without marking them as seen, and even hiding your online status.

Download Media

One of the standout features of Insta Pro 2 APK is the ability to download photos, videos, and stories directly from Instagram. Whether it's a memorable photo or an inspiring story, you can easily save your favorite content to your device for offline viewing.

Extend Stories Time Limit

Do you want to get around Instagram's most annoying limitation on story uploads? Everyone wishes they could upload films or longer stories, like one minute long. Well, Insta Pro modes make that possible now. It provides a feature called "Extend stories time limit." In basic terms, it lets users post 60-second stories on Instagram.


With Insta Pro 2, you're not stuck with the standard Instagram interface. This mod allows for extensive customization, including themes, layouts, and fonts, enabling you to personalize the app according to your preferences.

Photos in Max Quality

Do you ever wonder why the photos you post are always bad quality? They look great in the gallery, but not when you post them. This happens because Instagram compresses media files that you share. You have already observed that when you upload a story. This smart Instagram tweak has a function called Photos in Max Quality. It lets you post images in their original quality. That is, the same quality as the image in the gallery.

Backup and Restore

You can protect your media and important messages with InstaPro2 powerful backup solution. It offers safe storage for your digital memories and communications. It has backup and restoration features. InstaPro2 provides an in-app browser. It makes the user experience more seamless. It addresses Instagram's limitation of relying on an external browser.

Features Of Insta Pro 2

System Requirements

App NameInstaPro 2 APK
PermissionGallery, Phone Storage
OS Above Android 5.0
Storage 100MB
RAM 3GB or Higher

What's New In It?

  • Updating the Base:
  • Added Post-Share Button
  • Added InstaPro Header Icon Setting
  • [Activate] Channels Selection
  • [Fixed] Multiple Random Crash
  • Downloading Reels
  • Channels Option
  • Many Random Crash
  • Many More

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Auto comment/follow solutions enable growth automation and posting schedules.

  • Seamless access to several accounts from a single app.

  • save media on your device to access it without an app.

  • Developers often release optimized upgrades.


  • Absence of official Instagram support.
  • Higher battery and data usage when compared to the official Instagram app

How to Download Insta Pro 2 APK

  • Open the browser on your mobile.
  • Type
  • open the menu and tap on Insta Pro 2
  • When the insta Pro 2 page is open Here, the Start of the website, a download button you get.
  • Just click on the Download button
  • Downloading is Started.
Download Insta Pro 2
  • Once you finish the download, pick “Security Settings” from the “Settings” menu on your phone.
  • Turn on “Allow Access to Unknown Sources” to install the Instapro APK 2.
  • Find the Instapro 2 APK file you downloaded by tapping it in your Files folder.
  • When requested, click the “Install the Instapro 2 app” button.
  • You’ve successfully downloaded and installed InstaPro 2 on your device!
Download Insta Pro 2

How to Install it on Android

You must install Insta Pro 2 on an Android device. You must do this because you can only download it from third-party websites. Also, you don’t need to uninstall any older Instagram versions. For example, InstaPro and the Stock version. You can install Insta Pro 2 with other programs and it has its own package name. Here’s how to install it on an Android device:

  • To allow third-party apps, go to your phone’s settings. Then, turn on Unknown Sources.

  • Proceed to the download folder by using File Manager. Next, find the Insta Pro 2 that you recently downloaded and click on it.

  • Click the Install option when the installer opens.

  • Click Done to exit after you finish the installation.

  • You’re done.

Download Insta Pro APK 2 Latest version (v10.70)

Frequently Asked Question

People worry about the safety of third-party apps like Insta Pro 2. The worries are about privacy and data security. Users should be cautious. They should think about these things before downloading and using such apps. But, specific information on the safety of Insta Pro 2 is not provided in the sources.

Insta Pro 2 can download HD photos and videos. It can also view stories and lock the app. It also has a 'Hide View Stories' feature. It lets you watch stories without your profile appearing in the viewer's list. This ensures privacy.

Current information suggests that Insta Pro 2 is only available for Android users​​.

Other options to Insta Pro 2 include Instagram++ and InstaMod. Modified versions of Instagram with extra features exist.

The legality of using modded apps like Insta Pro 2 can vary by region and is often a grey area. These apps violate Instagram's terms of service. This could lead to an account suspension.

Final Words

Insta Pro 2 APK undeniably offers engaging features that enhance the Instagram experience beyond the official app’s limitations. From downloading media to enjoying an ad-free experience, the customization and privacy options are hard to ignore

You can use Insta Pro 2 as a fantastic substitute also to Instagram or even InstaPro. It’s made possible by its unique packaging name. The developer took safety steps when making the program. It is very safe. There are no concerns about bans.

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