Insta Pro APK Download (v10.70) Latest version [pro unlocked]

Insta Pro APK is the best Instagram mode for Android devices. The developers of Insta Mod are SamMods. Instagram Pro Provides Features Like Media, Status Privacy, and Story Downloading. Hurry up! Install this application and enjoy it.

Various virus and malware detection engines have checked it. They confirmed that Insta Pro Apk is safe. Also, you may use these platforms to scan every update. You can also enjoy Instagram Pro security. 

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Version = Latest | Size = 71 MB

Insta Pro Apk


Instapro is the mode version of Instagram that gives you amazing moded features. You can use these features to create photos and videos and post them on Instagrampro. It also helps the user create content, Engage with Followers, and Grow their audience.


Hide Online Status

Status Download

Airplane Mode

Auto Reply

Media Sharing

Table of Contents

What is Insta Pro APK?

Insta Pro APK is an altered version of the official Instagram application. Created by third-party developers, it’s designed to offer users advanced features that are not available in the standard app. These modifications can range from aesthetic alterations to functional enhancements, providing a more tailored and potentially enjoyable user experience.

The Insta Pro 2 APK has a unique twist. It is an innovative app that copies Instagram’s features. It has powerful capabilities. Users can now do amazing things. They can download reels and browse stories secretly. They can also expand profile photos and copy bios from any profile.  This is especially true in its most recent version, InstaPro v10.70. It includes an ad-blocking tool to ensure a smooth, ad-free user experience.

Basic Information

App NameInstaPro APK
Size 71 MB
Version Latest: 10.70
Developer SamMods
System Required 5.0 +
Get it On
File TypeAPK

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Features Of Insta Pro APK

Ad-Free Experience

Advertisements can sometimes disrupt the user experience on social media platforms. Insta Pro APK offers an ad-free experience, allowing users to scroll through their feed without any interruptions from sponsored content.

Privacy Enhancements

Insta Pro APK includes several privacy-oriented features not found in the official Instagram app. Users can hide their view status on stories, ensuring that they can watch stories anonymously. Additionally, the 'seen' marks for direct messages can also be disabled, giving users more control over their privacy.

Customization Options

Users of Insta Pro APK can customize their interface, enabling a personalized Instagram experience. From themes to font styles, these customization options allow users to set their interface according to their preferences, making their social media browsing more enjoyable.

High-Quality Story Uploads

InstaPro solves the problem of uploading high-resolution stories. It guarantees that the clips keep their original quality when uploaded. They look as clear and detailed as the ones in your phone's gallery. InstaPro breaks Instagram's 15-second story limit. It increases it to 60 seconds. This makes it possible to tell a story in one longer and more detailed upload.

Anti-Ban Measures

The developers of Insta Pro APK have implemented measures to prevent users from being banned by Instagram. Although these measures can provide some level of protection, users should remain cautious and aware of the potential risks associated with using modded apps.

Download Capabilities

One of the most sought-after features of Insta Pro APK is its ability to download content directly from Instagram. With this feature, users can save photos, videos, and stories onto their device and access them offline. This can be particularly useful for those with limited internet connectivity or for archiving important memories.

Profile Customization

One of the most celebrated features of Insta Pro APK is the ability to download photos, videos, and stories directly from the app. This feature is particularly useful for saving content that inspires you or that you want to view offline.

Font Styles

InstaPro offers over 20 font choices. Users can choose a font different from Instagram's default. This lets them make a text style that suits their tastes. The app has many icon options. It makes identifying and using Instagram and InstaPro easy.

Backup and Restore

You can back up your media and messages offline. You can do this with InstaPro's powerful backup solution. It offers safe storage for your digital memories. It also has backup and restoration features. InstaPro provides an in-app browser. It makes the user experience smoother. It addresses Instagram's reliance on an external browser.

Insta Follows Pro

Insta Follow Pro Apk is also a unique alternative to the official Instagram app. It boosts Followers and provides amazing features Like Hide status, Hides Online Status and Full HD Display.

By using Insta Follow and Instander, users reach the audience who use Instagram and follow the liking celebrities and other people.

Users enable round emoji, Aeroplan Mode and Hide Typing in it and use two profiles in it.

System Requirements

App NameInstaPro APK
PermissionGallery, Phone Storage
OS Above Android 5.0
Storage 100MB
RAM 3GB or Higher

What is Instagram Pro APK?

Instagram Pro APK is an modded version of the original Instagram application. Developed by third-party enthusiasts, it aims to enhance the user experience by adding features not available in the official app. While it mirrors the core functionalities of Instagram, Instagram Pro APK offers a slew of advanced options and customization features that cater to the needs of power users and privacy enthusiasts alike. You can download IGTV stories and videos.

Key Features of Instagram Pro APK

1. Download Capabilities

One of the most sought-after features in Instagram Pro APK is the ability to download photos, videos, and stories directly from the app. This means users can easily save their favorite content without needing a separate downloading tool.

2. Enhanced Privacy Options

Instagram Pro APK steps up the privacy game by allowing users to hide their view status on stories, read DMs without sending a read receipt, and even hide their online presence.

3. Customization Galore

Unlike the official version, Instagram Pro APK allows for extensive customization. Users can change the theme of their app interface, which includes a variety of colors and styles, tailoring the Instagram experience to their personal taste.

4. Ad-Free Browsing

Instagram Pro provides an ad-free experience, removing sponsored posts from your feed and stories, making your scrolling experience smoother and uninterrupted.

Instagram Pro Apk Downloades

Instagram Pro apk is a rich feature alternative to official Instagram. Which is designed to enhance the user’s social media experience.

In Instagram Pro apk, users gain Amazing Features such as Photo or video download, a Customized interface, and privacy settings.

Download the source file of Instagram Mod Apk from

Install it into your device and use the pro features.

Features Of Insta Pro APK

Update Overview Of The App

Explore the most recent InstaPro Modes upgrades. The company released the most recent version, v10.70, on April 8, 2024.

Release Date: April 8, 2024

Version of the Base Update:

Key Changes

  • We are launching the Anti-Delete Message Feature. It keeps messages intact even if the sender deletes them.
  • We have improved the Message Send Button. It is to guarantee seamless operation.
  • Downloading reels had problems. They’re fixed now.
  • We fixed the stability problems that caused the crashes.
  • InstaPro v10.70 launched on April 8, 2024. The updates are a big boost to the app’s function and user experience.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Using one or more hashtags increases discoverability and engagement. The Insta Pro 2 APK makes this possible.

  • The platform promotes more interaction. It does this by making comments on a user’s feed visible to the public.

  • Each post shows the number of likes and comments below it for ease of use.

  • Users have better privacy control. They may choose which accounts to view their tales.

  • To customize the feed to the user’s tastes, the app allows the user to hide or see particular posts.

  • Users may find it easier to sort content. Users highlight and arrange posts using hashtags.


  • The APK version of Insta Pro 2 has many features. Most don’t exist on the website or arrive later. This makes the app’s web version less useful.

  • Because it’s a third-party program, user data security is an issue.

  • There is no data retention rule. Loss or damage to user data can occur, especially after removal.

  • InstaPro2 APK’s ability to create false impressions is a serious disadvantage. It can mislead users, especially youngsters. Reels and images could contain errors in their truth. This could worsen sad and tense feelings.

How to Download InstaPro APK

  • Open the browser on your mobile.
  • Type
  • Here, the Start of the website, a download button you get.
  • Just click on the Download button
  • Downloading is Started.
Download Insta Pro
  • Once you finish the download, pick “Security Settings” from the “Settings” menu on your phone.
  • Turn on “Allow Access to Unknown Sources” to install the Instapro APK.
  • Find the Instapro APK file you downloaded by tapping it in your Files folder.
  • When requested, click the “Install the Instapro app” button.
  • You’ve successfully downloaded and installed InstaPro on your device!
Download Insta Pro

How to Download It on PC?

Here’s an easy guide to help you install and use Instapro APK on your Windows computer:

  • Search for the Bluestacks emulator online first. To be safe, you must download it from an approved third-party source.

  • After downloading the Bluestacks application, open it.

  • Use Bluestacks to look up “Instapro APK.” To continue, click “Yes” or press the Enter key.

  • There will be a list of Instapro versions visible. Choose the one you want to put in place.

  • To start the installation process, select the “Install now” option.

Insta Pro Vs Instagram Comparison

FeatureInsta Pro Instagram
DND ModeYesNo
Calls Disable YesNo
File Sending Limit 999MB 100MB
Forwarding Limit Unlimited Chats 5 Chats
Status Length 255 139
Auto Message YesNo
Bulk Message YesNo
Themes YesNo
Online Status YesNo
Custom Font YesNo
Anti-Delete YesNo
Security Lock YesNo

Download Insta Pro APK Latest version (v10.70)

Frequently Asked Question

Insta Pro is a third-party app. Compared to the official Instagram app, it can come with some risks. To reduce security risks, users should be cautious. They should only download the program from reputable sources.

Understanding the differences between Insta Pro APK and the official app helps users. It lets them make informed choices.

At the moment, Insta Pro only works on Android-powered devices. Users of iPhones and iPads are unable to use the app at this moment because it was not created for the iOS platform.

Examining potential risks allows users to weigh the pros and cons before diving in.

The timing of Insta Pro updates varies according to the developers. Users should look to official or trustworthy third-party websites. They have the most recent features and upgrades.

Final Words

Insta Pro APK presents an attractive alternative for Instagram users looking for more control and customization over their social media experience. While it offers features that can enhance your browsing, downloading, and viewing experiences, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the potential risks involved. By staying informed and cautious, you can make the most out of your social media experience while keeping your digital presence safe.

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