General Information

The developers created an independent program called Insta Pro APK. It exists to improve the experiences of Instagram users. We must understand this. We have no official connection, organization, authorization, approval, or relationship with Instagram, Inc. or its affiliates or subsidiaries.

App Usage

  • The user accepts any responsibility for using the Insta Pro APK. Our software offers more than the official Instagram app. Users should read Instagram’s terms of service. Using its extra features may break the rules.

  • We usually don’t handle account suspensions, bans, or other punishments for using the Insta Pro APK.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Instagram owns the content in the Insta Pro APK. They own its intellectual property. This covers all content users can access via our app, such as photos, videos, text, and other files.

  • While respecting these rights, Insta Pro APK does not claim content ownership.

Privacy and Data Security

  • We value your privacy and data security even as we work to improve the user experience with Insta Pro APK. But, we are not liable for data breaches or information loss caused by using our app.

  • Users should use the Insta Pro APK and be mindful of any privacy issues.

Updates and Modifications

  • We can change the Insta Pro APK’s features, functionality, and content without warning. We regularly update. This is part of our commitment to offering great customer experience.

No Warranty

  • Insta Pro APK offers itself “as is,” without any stated or implied guarantees.” We do not promise that the app will run without stopping. It may have errors.

Limitation of Liability

  • Insta Pro APK, its developers, and its affiliates will never be liable for severe. They will not be liable for accidental or indirect harm. This is from using the software.


Users accept our disclaimer and agree to its conditions using the Insta Pro APK.

Contact Us

If you want more info or have issues with our app’s disclaimer, please email us at instapro272@gmail.com.

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